Can I Pick The Title Company For My Closing?

title company

Choosing a title agency for your property closing is a big decision. In many cases, either the buyer or the seller will offer to cover the cost for the agency of their choice. Sometimes, each party will select their own agency to represent them and their interests. There are different ways to approach hiring a title company. Read on for a guide for choosing the right title company for your closing.

Good Reputation

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, the first thing you should research is the potential title agency’s reputation. Read reviews of the company to see whether or not people have had a positive experience. You can use reviews as an indicator of what to expect from your experience.

Price Range

While price is a major factor to consider, it shouldn’t be the dealbreaker in your decision. Just because an agency may offer lower title insurance rates and closing fees does not mean it is the best choice. Title insurance rates are regulated in the State of Michigan and underwriters must file their rates with the State. Therefore, most title insurance rates are competitive with one another. Always focus on quality of services over cheap prices.

Convenience and Accomodation

While a property closing is an important undertaking, you still have your own busy schedule and responsibilities. You want to ensure that your title company can work around your schedule. They should be able to arrange your closing at a mutually convenient time and location and accommodate closings via email if necessary.

The Right Title Agency for Buyers & Sellers

Whether you’re buying or selling a property there are many factors to consider when choosing a title agency. Some agencies may seem great on the surface level, but don’t settle for a company that isn’t able to meet your most basic needs. 

Venture Title Agency has been in the closing business for years, and is well equipped to handle the needs of any buyer or seller. We’re here to guide you every step of the way to a smooth closing. Contact us to get started.