How to Choose a Title Company


You think you have completed all of the steps. You have signed the papers, and now it’s time to close on your house. Except, you now have to choose a title company to help you! Deciding on the right title company to handle your closing can either be smooth sailing or a bumpy road. There are times when the buyer will want to choose the closing agent, but that can be negotiable. If you as the seller trust a particular title company, then you can put that into the contract. However, you’ll want to consider the following criteria when selecting your title company. Keep on reading to discover how to choose a title company. 


The first and most important requirement to consider is the company’s reputation. You’ll want to work with a company with a good reputation in the community and has a proven track record of navigating your local laws. Ask your friends and family members in the area who have gone through a real estate transaction, what title company did they use? Did they meet their expectations? Did they treat you friendly and communicate with you throughout the process? It is essential to look at their reputation.

Professional Experience

Another thing to consider when choosing a title company is their professional experience. How long has the company been in business? Do they have a solid relationship with realtors in the area? Experienced title companies will work hard, conduct a proper property title search, and make an effort for a smooth closing process. Having a closing escrow fail because a title agency representative didn’t make a phone call shows a lack of care and effort to ensure everything is complete. In contrast, experienced agents calculate accurate closing costs.


How quickly do the title agents respond to inquiries? Do they have open contact with you? Whether it is through email, text, or phone calls? If they take a while to respond, then that may be a red flag. This indicates that they may not meet deadlines when it comes to the property title. If it takes them a long time to get back to you, even about simple things, then it speaks volumes about how the rest of their business runs.

Office Location

Next, is the prospective title office in a convenient location for you? If not, how much of the paperwork can you do online? How does the agency ensure your documents are secure? You may need to frequently visit the office during the home buying process to sign the paperwork, deliver papers, or make a service payment. Although there are tasks that can be accomplished electronically, you still have to do some things in person. You will feel less stressed when you realize its proximity to your work or home. 


Lastly, how much money will it cost you to utilize this title company? There aren’t standard fees across the industry, so be sure you ask your closing agents about their fee structure. You’ll also want to be aware of who needs to pay those fees, the buyer or seller. The expected person changes from state to state, but paying the fees should be determined ahead of time. 

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Choosing the title company that commands an excellent reputation, has professional experience, a close office location, and a fair fee structure will be ideal. You should expect your closing agent to help you throughout the entire process, answering any questions you have. At Venture Title Agency, we take great care to make sure your closing is smooth and error-free. Contact us today to learn more!