Looking To Sell Your House? House Market Predictions For 2022


House Market Predictions

Is the prospect of selling your home on the horizon? If so, it’s wise to start doing research now so you’re prepared for what to expect. We’ve created a quick guide to give you a rundown on what the market will look like next year. Here are the house market predictions for 2022.

Homes On The Market

The market in 2021 has been fierce, competitive, and driven by high prices for potential buyers. Homes have been selling quickly, seeing as that they have been in such high demand. With lots of potential buyers and little inventory, it’s no wonder this has been the case. Will this trend continue in 2022? The answer is yes, albeit at a slower pace.

The housing market is starting to show the first signs of cooling down. Homes are no longer selling at the ultra-quick pace across the board like the past year has shown. Because of this, you can expect more homes to be available on the market heading into 2022. With that said, that doesn’t mean there is going to be an abundance of homes on the market. In fact, experts expect that houses will be in high demand for quite some time. 


When there’s more houses on the market, prices start to normalize a bit. Does this mean prices will start to go down? Not exactly. Instead, prices will keep rising but at a slower rate. This won’t happen overnight. However, you will start to see the pace decelerate and moderate over time. This happens due to more houses being on the market. Essentially, this means you can expect a little more competition as a seller than in 2021. 

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