How A Title Company Provides Solutions To Financial Problems


Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. Trying to complete the transaction without legal guidance is a recipe for disaster. This is especially true for first-time homebuyers who are easy targets for shady sellers. 

A title company benefits every party involved: buyers, sellers, and mortgage lenders. They’re on everybody’s team, ensuring each party receives what the legal agreement states. Here’s how your title company will provide solutions to financial problems. 

Problem: Lingering Title Issues

Let’s say you recently purchased your first home, and you’ve finally settled in comfortably. You’re excited to start this new chapter of your life, but out of the blue, you get a notice of a lingering issue on the title. It turns out the previous owner didn’t pay their property taxes, and now you have to pay them.

You didn’t just acquire a new home, but a whole set of problems alongside it! 

Unresolved title issues are called liens. Liens come in many forms, such as unpaid taxes, association dues, and discrepancies with land rights. These problems can quickly turn a dream home into a nightmare.

A title company performs a title search to ensure it’s clear and ready for sale. A title search is an essential solution to financial problems, so you don’t get stuck inheriting the previous owners’ liabilities. 

Problem: Lack Of Long-Term Protection

If a dispute arises over who owns your property, you need to be able to prove it’s rightfully yours. Your title company provides title insurance to ensure there’s never any uncertainty over who owns the home.

Title insurance also ensures long-term protection. As long as you own the home, you’re safe from issues that pop up down the road. If you need solutions to financial problems regarding ownership, title insurance gives you peace of mind that you’re protected.

Problem: Errors At Closing

Closing on your own can be a major headache, whether you’re a buyer or seller. You never know what last-minute conflicts will arise. Crucial documents can get mishandled, hidden costs appear, miscommunication over the terms of the agreement–any one of these problems can lead to harsh legal costs to sort out.

Your closing should be a smooth process full of excitement, not unexpected emergencies. A title company handles your closing from start to finish with solutions to any financial problems that unexpectedly develop.

Your Path To A Worry-Free Closing

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