What Do Title Agencies Do?


Many new homeowners will be introduced to brand new concepts during their real estate ventures. One of those concepts that may be confusing to inexperienced homeowners is title insurance. 

A title agency is a company that helps ensure a property can be legally sold. They do this by performing extensive title searches to locate any issues that would interrupt the sales process. These searches can often turn up information the seller may not have been aware of previously.

A title agency is an asset to both the buyer and seller. They will work closely with both parties to ensure that the title transaction is smooth and painless. 

What Is Title Insurance?

Title insurance is designed to protect the purchaser of a property. When you purchase real estate, there are a number of things you need to protect yourself from, such as a claim against your property from a previous owner. 

When you purchase a home or property, you receive a title. You’ll likely make the assumption the seller has complete ownership of the property and the right to make a transaction with you. Unfortunately, there are several factors that could prevent that from being the case. 

Title insurance takes those factors into account, so that if any issues come to light, you won’t be negatively affected.

Who Do Title Agencies Represent?

A title agency is a third-party representative that represents the best interests of buyers and sellers throughout the process. In the case of a split closing, there are two title agencies at the closing table, with one representing the buyer and the other representing the seller.

If there is only one title agency involved, they benefit all parties involved. The title agency does the research necessary to ensure the property is free to be sold. The title company also sets up escrow and facilitates the exchange of title and money.

A Title Insurance Agency That Has Your Back

Title insurance is a serious matter, and it’s important that new home buyers know exactly what to expect before signing on with a title agency. Venture Title Agency is dedicated to keeping you and your seller informed throughout the entire process, so you aren’t left in the dark over any details. Visit our website to learn more about what Venture Title Agency can do for you and your property.