What Title Insurance Covers


Title Insurance: What Is It?​

In a nutshell, title insurance protects you from costly losses and damages and legal liabilities related to title inaccuracies. Similarly, as many as one in three homes hit one problem or another before everything is ready to go. Title insurance guarantees your peace of mind by doing the research, making sure everything goes smoothly, and finishing up the transaction efficiently. Let’s take a look at what title insurance covers.

What Title Insurance Covers

So what brings up to the question: what does title insurance cover? Essentially, title insurance covers a lot. This includes:

Forgeries And Fraud

Unfortunately, there are scammers out there trying to illegally acquire homes and sell them for profit. With title insurance, you no longer have to worry about these issues. Additionally, forged signatures are covered by title insurance.

Undisclosed Heirs

If you purchase a home from the estate of someone who recently passed away, unforeseen problems can arise.  Because of this, you may all of a sudden find undisclosed or missing heirs claiming that the house belongs to them. That’s why title insurance covers you in this nightmare scenario, which happens more often than you might think.

Unpaid Taxes And Assessments

Imagine you purchase a home only to find out down the road that the previous owner did not pay their taxes. Perhaps the previous owner did not disclose all their information as honestly as they claimed. In this case, you would be out of luck. However, title insurance will cover you in this situation.


A lien is a document attached to a property (typically public record) that serves as a notice that the owner owes a debt. This can be a number of debts, including child support or money owed to the IRS. Your title insurance will cover you in this predicament.

Recording Mistakes And Filing Errors

Anything from misspellings, filing errors, incorrect legal descriptions, and more fall under this category. Sometimes the smallest issues can present major problems. Title insurance is your ticket out of these messy situations. Essentially, it will cover all your bases.

That’s Just The Beginning

These are just a few of the main categories that title insurance covers. It can extend beyond this to include things such as lawsuits, unclear wills, and more. In brief, title insurance gives you all the protection you need for any number of issues that can arise.

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