How Your Title Company Gives You A Smooth Closing


Buying or selling a home is a significant undertaking. A title company ensures the seller has the legal rights to sell the property. Without a trustworthy title company by your side, your closing can get wrapped up in legal disputes and costly errors. Here is how your title company gives you a smooth closing.

Title Searches

A title company will first complete a title search. A title search looks for any barriers that could get in the way of selling the home. These obstacles include outstanding mortgages, liens, and unpaid taxes on the property. A title company will work to resolve any lingering issues. If any problems are unable to be fixed, they will alert you to decide whether you want to move forward with the transaction.

Property Survey

Next, the title company will conduct a property survey. They inspect the property to determine where your property begins and ends accurately. A property survey is vital to avoid any legal issues with neighbors, especially if you plan to expand down the road.

Holding Escrow

Potential buyers often deposit money into escrow. Escrow funds let the buyer know that the seller is serious, trustworthy, and making progress on buying the property. A title company acts as an impartial third party to hold the escrow funds. This ensures both parties are legally and honestly working towards their mutual goals for buying and selling.

Finalizing The Closing

Once it’s time to close on the home finally, the title company manages the closing process. They handle all the proper documentation and verify that the correct funds transfer accurately. Your title company ensures there are no errors at the time of closing, avoiding costly mistakes and potential legal battles. Finally, this includes handling title insurance at the time of closing.

We Take The Stress Out Of Closing

Venture Title Agency is here to ensure you feel relaxed and prepared on the day of closing. Our professionals give you the guidance you need for an easy, exciting closing process. Contact us today to learn more!